Fall of an empireEdit

After securing France in 1940, Germany turned its attention to the last western European Power, England. But to do this, they needed air superiority. From June to November, 1940, the Lufwaffe attacked every Airforce unit it could find, hunting down them one by one, also, the German Airforce amassed by the thousands to level cities. It destroyed many, and Churchhill was forced to prepare for the coming invasion.

In the wake of the Lufwaffe came the Weimarcht(army). It landed on southern English beaches, and slammed it's way to London, massacring all the Royal Army's units it found on it's way. Soon, by december, 1940, the German's had reached London, and soon, the British flag was lowered, and the swatsika was run up. Victory in Europe was now inevitable. One by one, Sweden, Switzerland, and Portugal were defeated when Spain declared war on Portugal and invaded it. Sweden was invaded by Finland, and Germany surprised Switzerland and crushed it. With Europe now firmly under his control, Hitler met with his Allies, including Japan, to focus all their might on the Russians to the east.