Venezuelan tanks after the Battle of the Caracas Outskirts.

The War in Venezuela started on October 9,2011 after on the 8th when Venezuelan government authorities ordered an attack on the United States. The attack was a massive cyber attack the focused on mostly the US military communication services and radio signals along with the Stock Market. The US Navy had seen a great blow to its communications. On the 9th the signal was traced back to Venezuela and Edwards declared war and signed Operation Rocky Jungle. On the 10th, US forces landed near Cumana, Sucre. By the 11th, US/UN forces after several airborne landing that day were within 40 miles of the capital. On the 12th, while US troops were within 10 miles of the capital in the fastest troop advance ever. President John Edwards signed a peace treaty with the nation in exchange for peace and the government to remain in power, American troops would stay for 1 year and dismantle all cyber attack facilities (14) and WMD facilities were also secretly destroyed, there were 15 WMD facilities. And 1 nuclear weapons facility which was bombed and destroyed at the beginning of Operation Rocky Jungle (War in Venezuela).