In 1870, after a vicious civil war with the United States, The Confederacy declared independance from the U.S.

Even after the fighting, violent attacks around the northern border broke out, and eventually the U.S. declared a
Rebel 2

The Confederate Flag

second war on the Confederacy in 1875.

War of The Bloody 1870sEdit

After many battles,The two armies ment in the town of Wheeling, West Viriginia in an encounter more of a explosive massacre then a battle, with more civilians killed than soldiers. The battle led for the war to be called the bloody 1870s. Shortly after, the two countries knew that the war was not worth fighting but assasins should be dispatched instead. On October 8th, 1878 a peace treaty was signed, although the two countries were in a very uneasy cold war towards each other.

Post-bloody 1870sEdit

In 1902, a plantation owner by the name of Philip Celton rose to power. In 1905 he became a dictator. Civilians had little or no rights, depending on their wealth. In 1907, he was nearly assasinated by a random masked bandit. The assasin was killed by piece of wood off a piano that fell, which riocheted off of a pan, hitting him. The body was not recovered due to a mysterious(not really) house fire. Celton survived, just barely.


On Feb. 12, 1915, The Confederacy joined the Axis Powers and fought the British. Using the Anaconda plan, (Which had been used against them in the Civil War) and when the British could barely supply there army, but due to problems back in the country backed out of WW1 2 months after they joined. The civilians had rioted and swarmed in front of Celton's mansion, armed to the teeth with anything that could come to hand, including paper. Celtons's entire guard fought the rioters in front of the palace, but what they didn't know is that more rioters had snuck through the back windows and burned the mansion from the inside. Celton, knowing death was inevitable, jumped out his bedroom window and died from the fall impact July 2, 1915. It took the Confederacy a while to recover, but they became a democracy and elected a president named Hugo Cerdson. In 1917, The Confederacy re-entered WW1 and with there former enemies, The U.S. and Britain Joined the Allied powers. The Confederates won many key victories against the germans. Shortly after, Celton's skeleton(presumably) was recovered in the middle of a large mysterious pit where the mansion used to be.


An alien meteorite lands in Confederate territory, unfortunately it was highly explosive and destroyed many buildings, leaving the area slightly irradiated.