A TL where the Sino-Soviet split turns hot.


1917: After being deposed by the Russian revolution, Czar Nicholas II and his family emigrates to the United Kingdom.

1939: Johann Georg Elser wounded Hitler in an assasination attempt.

1954: The Russians sent up the first man into space with Tikhonravov's suborbital rocket .

September 1957: USA sent up Vanguard 1 the first satellite into space.

1959: Russia's Luna 1 is the first to hit the Moon while America's Pioneer 4 is the first to go into interplanetary space.

1960: US sent Neil Armstrong into orbit with a X-15B spaceplane.

1965: Astronaut Ed White made the first spacewalk.

1969: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the Moon. The Sino-Soviet split begins to turn hot when the Chinese did not allow the Russians to collect their dead after a border skirmish.

1970: Russia launches its nukes into China, forcing the latter to capitulate. Later on the Republic of China in Taiwan began operations to retake the mainland.

1973: Yom Kippur War.

1981: Kuomintang successfully retook the mainland.

1996: Donald Trump won the US presidential election.

2012: Al Gore won the US presidential race.