Results of the 2012 Republican Primary

The 2012 Republican Primary Results were somewhat unexpected, out of many candidates, Santorum (who eventually won the nomination) was polling around last and Perry or Romney was widely expected to win. Despite this, Santorum pulled through and managed to win Iowa, and then some February states and then carried enough momentum to win several Super Tuesday victories, and soon after Michigan and Ohio, Romney dropped out, as well as Gingrich who's support really lifted Santorum. Congressman Ron Paul was Santorum's only serious challenger who "vowed to take this fight to the convention", who was viewed as a lunatic and was set home embarrassed. 

VP Selection Process:

Santorum's reported shortlist for vice presidential running mates were:

Sarah Palin, Former Alaska Governor

Newt Gingrich, Former U.S House Speaker

John Thune, Senator from South Dakota

Marco Rubio, Senator from Florida (chosen)

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas

Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama

Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky

Paul Ryan, U.S Representative from Wisconsin

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana

Michele Bachmann, U.S Representative from Minnesota