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Senator Edwards

On November 4, 2008, Former North Carolina senator John Edwards won the US presidential election against republican former governor of MA, Mitt Romney. Many thought Edwards would lose to Romney but Edwards proved them wrong.... His "swing state" , Nevada led him to victory. Edwards thought he himself he couldn't win.... As Barack Obama did not enter the 2008 race, Edwards barely won against Hillary Clinton in the primaries. In distant third, Dennis Kucinich with 17 percent of the vote, winning only one state: Oregon. Edwards selected Bill Richardson as his vice presidential running mate, with Kucinich being given the title of Secretary of State. Edwards won the primaries with 44 percent of the popular vote with Hillary Clinton at 39 percent.

His vice presidential shortlist was:

Evan Bayh

Hillary Clinton

Joe Biden

Bill Richardson


Results of the 2008 Election: John Edwards (Blue) vs Mitt Romney (Red)

Sam Nunn

Howard Dean

John Kerry

Jerry Brown


As Edwards is inaugurated president, Edwards promised to withdraw all U.S troops from Iraq by March 10,2010. People were very happy about this and the fact that Edwards had an initiative, The Clean the World act which he promised to end Global Warming in the Midwest by 2012. On January 20th,2009 he announced his administration:

Secretary of State: Dennis Kucinich

Secretary of Finance: Jack Lew

Secretary of Defense: Sam Nunn

Attorney General: Janet Reno

Secretary of the Interior: Hillary Clinton

Secretary of Agriculture: Tom Vilsack

Secretary of Commerce: Steve Jobs (Died in July 2011 in timeline replaced by Barack Obama)

Secretary of Labor: Rudy Giuliani

Secretary of Health and Human services: John Kerry

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Michael Bloomberg

Secretary of Transportation: Rodney E. Slater

Secretary of Energy: Al Gore

Secretary of Education: Kathleen Sebelius

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Chuck Hagel

Secretary of Homeland Security: Paul Ryan

John Edwards

John Edwards announces his plan for a US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In June he announced he would not raise taxes on the poor and middle class. In August he stated he would raise taxes on the rich. In October Former congressman Newt Gingrich said about him "He's too idle, the average Joe Democrat just keeping the office from a deserving republican conservative kick him out!" Mike Huckabee said "He just cost himself the presidency in 2012". In December he announced a plan to get all US troops out of Afghanistan by March 9, 2011. His approval rating rose 6 points.


Bill Richardson, the Vice president said on New Years Day: "The past year was a damned good one for Edwards and the administration.". In early February (on the 1st) it was leaked and discovered Edwards had an affair with Rielle Hunter. Edwards confirmed this on the 2nd. The Edwards announced a divorce on the 4th. His approval rating dropped 8 points.


Final US troops withdraw from Iraq.

On March 9,2010 the day before US troops ended their combat mission in Iraq, Edwards's former wife died of cancer. Edwards did not make any public appearances for 8 months. His chief advisor said "He's going insane he feels really guilty about what he did, he might not run for a second term or even resign."

Gingrich announced a late candidacy which he was projected to win half of the republican vote in New York's 3rd district. He beat incumbent Peter T. King in the GOP primaries. Polls predicted Gingrich would win the district by 98 percent be in reality it was 67 percent.


Edwards announces petition.

On November 10,2010, Edwards came out for the first time in months since his wife's death. He said "If you want me out fine, there is a petition that requires a million signatures to be past. Sign it if you want me out, ill resign in a few months if it passes...."

A week later it didn't pass only getting 965.566 signatures.

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Edwards at an impeachment hearing, 2011.

In December charts show he improved unemployment by 5 percent, which raised his approval rating 5 points.


In early January, Edwards went to several impeachment hearings, although Congress was safe republican they didn't want a Richardson presidency. Edwards didn't get impeached after 10 hearings. On April 12th, accidentally Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee both announced their intentions for the presidency. Polls showed Gingrich crushing them.

In August: Gingrich, Gary Johnson, Dick Cheney, and Rick Santorum made a bid for the presidency, Santorum quit the race early due to winning no states.

Edwards in June 2011 announced that sanctions on Iran would be lifted and Edwards hit a sixty percent approval rating.


US soldier ambushes an enemy patrol.

Gingrich seemed to be the winner of the GOP 2012 Primaries already. Everyone was fundraising now and it was almost certain Edwards was going to be elected. He seemed as if he were the next Bill Clinton. Then Venezuela declared war on America with a massive cyber attack on October 8,2011. On the 10th US forces had landed and were near the capital but still, around a thousand Americans had been killed.....


US soldier shoots at an enemy occupied hotel.

On the 12th, Edwards negotiated a treaty with the nation. US troops would stay for 1 year and dismantle all cyber attack facilities......


Election day drew near. It seemed every poll predicted a victory for Edwards against Gingrich.

Then the GOP primary results came in......

Gingrich as predicted, had won in a landslide, well kind of.


Gingrich : 32 percent of the vote (Red)


Results of the 2012 Republican Primaries

Paul Ryan: 25 percent of the vote (Blue)

Ron Paul: 18 percent of the vote (Yellow)

Mike Huckabee: 17 percent of the vote (Green)

Fred Thompson: 4.1 percent of the vote (Purple)

Gary Johnson: 3.8 percent of the vote (Gray)

Rick Santorum: 0.1 percent of the vote (Not pictured)

Newt Gingrich won early on in March and he published his VP shortlist with the New York times in May:

Fred Thompson

Gary Johnson (One of 5 finals) (One of top 3) (In top 2) (Chosen in August)

Ron Paul

Mitt Romney

George W. Bush (One of 5 finals) (One of top 3)

Donald Rumsfeld

Paul Ryan (One of 5 finals)

Tim Pawlenty (One of 5 finals) (One of top 3) (In top 2)

Scott Walker

Bobby Jindal

Sarah Palin (One of 5 finals)

Polls showed Gingrich only winning 47 percent of the popular vote and Edwards winning 50 although Edwards. With Ron Paul (Independent) behind with one state: Maine, at 2 percent. Rumors of a sex scandal sparked Gingrich's running mate: Gary Johnson. Johnson confirmed it on the first day after being asked by The New Yorker in an interview which he denied for about ten minutes, then came clean. Gingrich then nominated Paul Ryan as VP as Gary Johnson resigned his post.


Results of the 2012 Election.

Edwards attacked Gingrich's ability to lead by stating "you sir nominated an adulterer as vp. What kind of judgement does that show?" Gingrich stated that he was not responsible for the actions Johnson partook in prior to being nominated, and he pointed out that Johnson was not running for president but he was. On September 29, 2012 a bombshell article hit the tabloids. A woman was claiming that John Edwards had sex with her and that she had his baby. Needless to say an absolute fire storm came and Edwards repeatedly denied allegations. However subsequent court ordered DNA tests proved Edewards was in fact the father. The Democratic Party found out quickly that they would not be able to remove Edwards from the ticket that close to the election, and that his name would have to stay on regardless. Needless to say Gingrich won handedly with 65% of the vote to Edwards 23%.

2013: When Newt Gingrich was inaugurated he announced his NEW administration In April, as promised Gingrich created a universal privatized healthcare policy that was very cheap. In June the DMV was also reformed to be more "people-friendly". In July there wasn't a single bridge/road in America that was deemed "old and weak". In August only 3 percent of the population wanted impeachment. And 93 percent of people approved of him, he seemed to be "The Next Reagan" said Paul Ryan. And in December, Mike Huckabee said about Gingrich: "He's the closest to Reagan we've had. 2014:

In January Newt Gingrich announced he was lifting sanctions against Venezuela. Colombia took anger to this and on February 4,2014, Colombian militants took the US embassy in Colombia, wounding 6 people and a hostage crisis began. In a brilliant move Gingrich immediately met with party members and passed crippling sanctions that put an immediate ban on all imports and exports to Columbia. On the 6th, Colombia released the hostages. On the 7th, Gingrich announced that America, Most of South America, Europe and most of Asia (except Russia,China, etc) sanctioned Colombia, but that the sanctions would be dropped now that the hostages were in hand. The next day the Colombian economy collapsed. It was now one of the poorest nations in the world. On the 8th, The US and Venezuelan troops invaded Colombia. In April, Gingrich's approval rating was at 87 percent. While visiting Aurora, Colorado to make a speech on his "Midwest trip" about the war in Colombia, Gingrich was shot in the back once with a Cicero rifle while preparing to give a speech on a podium. The attempted assassin was shot dead at the seen. He was 26 year old Saudi Arabian Ali Yosef Muhammad. Gingrich's approval rating was in the 70s.

John-edwards-trust1 (1)

John Edwards speaking to a crowd in Denver, Colorado while on his "Midwest Trip 2014", April 1st,2014.