In a world where the Atlantis continent exists, The Atlanteans develop the first civilization expanding across the Atlantic Ocean. During the age of discovery, the Americas were not discovered by Europeans until later, because of they're focus on Atlantis and trade with Asia. The Americas are more slowly colonized by Europeans, and this leads to both the Americas and Africa fully colonized only in the age of imperialism. The Americas and Africa are decolonized only by the 1960s. In the end, the two things that shaped the contemporary world is Atlantis, and Imperialism.

Pre-age of discovery Edit

The Atlantians were possibly related to the Berbers, or closely related to the Guanches. Atlantians either don't settle in Europe, or just die there. However, hundreds of years after the tsunami in Atlantis occured, The continent of Atlantis is back to normal. The Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, ect. still exist. Europe's history mostly stay the same. When Plato developed the idea of Atlantis, he finds remains of Atlantians civilization in present day Morocco. The dark ages and the renaissance still happen, and there is evidence found that the Proto-Berbers contacted the Survivors of Atlantis.

Age of Discovery Edit

During the Age of Discovery, In 1491, Columbus lands on the continent of Atlantis, thinking it was India but had no inhabitants. Morocco quickly hears about the news, and tries to colonize it. Spain and Portugal goes on colonizing Atlantis. Meanwhile, in the Americas, The Inca empire controlls all of western South America by 1550, and at the same time, the Mayas gain independence from the Aztecs. China finally developes navigation by the 1500s, after seeing Europe and Morocco distracted on Atlantis, Ming dynasty China develops a type of Navigation, but Shogunate Japan steals the idea, so Japan discover and colonize Sakalin Alaska, and western Canada. In the 1600s, John Smith (an englishman), relizing there can be a more direct route to India, sails west from Atlantis, and lands near OTL Colombia, this thus makes the Americas not colonized until later. John Smith is killed by nearby tribes, but his crewmen return evidence to Morocco and England. While Portugal went to colonize southern Africa, and Morocco quickly joins European sides. Spain colonies Florida, the Caribbean, And defeats the Inca Empire. Portugal Colonizes the coasts Northern and Central Brazil. Morocco colonizes the coasts of Argentina and southern Chile. England colonizes the Northern Coast of South America, and the Eastern Coast of North America. China sails east and Colonizes California and Northern Mexico. Japan colonizes the coasts of Alaska and western Canada. Korea colonizes central America.

In 1783, South Atlantis gains independence from Morocco. In 1800, East Atlantis gains independence from Spain. In 1811, West Antlantis Gains Independence from Portugal. In 1818, North Atlantis gains independence from England. By 1821, South Atlantis discovers evidence of inhabitants and the Lost City of Atlantis

By the 1880s All of Atlantis is colonized by Morocco, Spain, and Portugal. The Coasts of the Americas and Africa are colonized. Now it is the age for ultimate Imperialism the conquer the Interiors of the the Americas and Africa, with a conference attended by England, France, Spain, Morocco, Qing China, Joseon (Korea), and Japan.

World War I started in 1914, and ended in 1918 and was a war with England, Spain, and Morocoo (the allies), against France, Russia, German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire (the central powers). The allies then win and France and Germany lose all their colonies in Africa.

World War II started in 1939 and ended in 1945 and was a war with North Atlantis, South Atlantis, North Atlantis, England, Spain, China, Soviet Union, and Japan against Nazi Germany, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Fascist Vietnam. After WW2, China never falls to communism and is still nationalist, but neutral in the upcoming cold war.

By 1962, all colonies in The Americas and Africa are Independent. with Nosurando (independent from Japan in 1959 and consists of Alaska and Northern Canada), Greenland (independent from Denmark in 1958), California (independent from China in 1960, and consists of the western United States), Freedomia (Independent from England in 1955 and consists of the Eastern United States, Eastern Canada, and the Caribbean), Mexikou (independent from China in 1960), West Sia Si (independent from South Korea in 1961, and consists of western Central America), East Sia Si (independent from North Korea in 1961, and consists of eastern Central America and Jamaica, and is a communist dictatorship), Columbia??? (independent from England in 1959, and consists of Northern South America), Peru (independent from Spain in 1959 and consist of western South America and is mainly Ethnically Spaniard or Inca), Brazil (independent from Portugal in 1965), and La Plata (independent from Morocco in 1960). John F Kennedy becomes the first president of Freedomia in 1961, but is assassinated in 1963.

Shortly after 1965, Freedomia (federal republic and major superpower), California, Peru (republic with monarchist traits), South Africa (republic with a semi-slave system), the United Kingdom, Spain, and the Atlantian Countries meet in a cold war against The Soviet Union, and Vietnam. There are two major competions between the two sides of the cold war, the Space Race, and the Medicine Race. The Medicine Race was a competition in supremacy of development, advancement of medicine, and cures for disease, injuries, and cancer.

The Cold war ended in 2007 after the Coldest Battle, a battle that took place in Siberia with the cold war superpwers, and ended the cold war. Technology progressed as quickly as possible, and the almost the same as in OTL. The Iphone and Video Games still exist. Cancer is cured by 2005 after the discovery of the Cancer cure, made from a plant native only to Atlantis (the continent). Thus, Cancer is cured today. The world has colonized Antarctica, and shows a significant intrest on colonizing the the moon, and Mars. The is also new in-depth discoveries of evidence of Atlantis. The sinking of Atlantis is a common intrest in the film and pop culture industry. The world is more imperialistic, and many people and communities contribute in a way to the world. In the end, The World is a unique place, with different languages spoken in different places.