1939 Edit

Germany is going to get Austria. Instead of happily joining, they have a war. Germany wins after many brutal battles. When they invade Czechoslovakia, They invade the entire country, no questions asked.

They listen to Britain and not invade Poland, but they attacked France and Great Britain deployed their troops in Normandy, Spain and Portugal invade from all directions, secretly attacking France. France is destroyed and Germany raids Britain, Spain, and Portugal's claim on France. Germany starts raiding Spain and because of this USA stepped in and because USA joined the war Japan went to war on the Axis Side. USA's troops were in Portugal when the invading Germany stopped.

1940 Edit

Germany then attacked Ireland so they could attack Great Britain but it failed and Great Britain got Ireland, but never let go of it. Germany eventually raided Poland and USSR joined the Allies side. Other than that, Germany invaded Denmark.

1941 Edit

Once Germany and USSR touched borders, USSR had a plan and told it to the allies. Germany was raiding Norway when Allied Troops began getting Germany's land from the West Side. Because of this, German forces had to leave Norway to defeat the Allied Troops, and despite sending the entire army to the USSR Border, The allies were still advancing in.

Meanwhile in Sweden and Norway, Sweden invaded Norway within 1 month and Finland tried to attack Sweden but Sweden got Finland and named itself... Scandinavia? Germany was being outnumbered. USA went into France and went in THAT direction. It turns out that Turkey joined Allies and They were advancing on Germany from all directions, except the North. Germany surrendered as USSR was so close to getting to Berlin.

Treaty of Ava Edit

Finland and Norway are independent

France is no longer German Control

Spain and Portugal are together

Berlin is larger, USSR gives some land to Germany.